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25 years of ​​

In an age where your online presence can literally make or break your business, Moxi will ensure you have every advantage over your competition. We believe that it’s not the size of your marketing budget that decides your success but the way you use it. With 25 years of experience and knowledge, we can help you reach the next chapter of your success story – whatever your budget.

Michael Odysseas-Travers

Born and educated in London, Michael first found his passion for digital marketing in 1997 during the dawn of the internet revolution. He built and marketed his first website a couple of years later and soon discovered the powerful impact digital communication would make to the business world.

The next 10 years were spent working at corporate level, working his way up to Group Marketing Director of global b2b communication and conference company before becoming a self-employed marketing consultant. He established his first marketing agency in 2008 and has since worked with numerous businesses across the UK and Europe in a broad range of b2b and consumer focused brands.

Michael’s greatest passion in business is helping fledgling businesses become major players in their industry and eventually market leaders. Moxi was founded with this core principle in mind.


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